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Cita2 Speed Dating en Madrid. Si buscas pareja, ligar o hacer nuevas amistades apúntate a nuestros eventos de citas rápidas de 7 minutos. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is greater, to register as a member of Service and use the Website Las veladas de citas rápidas en Madrid de Cita2 son el sitio perfecto donde conocerás de 5/12 personas, garantizándote una noche inolvidable, un ambiente amistoso y el objetivo será el mismo; conocer gente, hacer [email protected] o tal vez enamorarse. Para acceder al local es necesaria la mascarilla, durante el evento se respeta la distancia de seguridad de 1,5m entre participantes. Speed dating Barcelona 12 Mini citas rápidas de 7 minutos para conocer gente nueva de forma presencial en Barcelona, para buscar pareja o hacer nuevas amistades, citas con afinidad en Barcelona ☝ Dating Barcelona, Speed dating Barcelona. How to Speed Date. Speed dating is a process that allows single people the opportunity to meet many prospective romantic matches in one place at scheduled speed dating events. The format for such an event involves short, 3 to 10 minute... Las citas rápidas de 4 minutos, 5 minutos, o 7 minutos (También conocido como speed dating) harán que hagas nuevos amigos ya que conocerás cara a cara gente del rango de edad similar al tuyo 다운로드. Lo mejor es que trás los eventos podrás seguir en contacto con aquellas personas que hayas congeniado en nuestros grupos online. Spanish Speed Dating Citas Rapidas. by . Elissa Garcia. This Speed Dating Activity contains 30 conversation starters and a student self-assessment worksheet. This activity is common core aligned as it fosters 100% active engagement and student self assessment. Teacher can, in turn, utilize the data to determine which topics or themes need to be ... SIN PAREJA AÚN? Encuentra tu Pareja Perfecta en Chile y ten tu Cita Rápida Ideal! Próximos Eventos PRÓXIMOS EVENTOS DE CITAS RÁPIDAS EVENTO CITAS RÁPIDAS (Más de 30 Años)- SAB 07/12 $12.990 Mas Información EVENTO CITAS RÁPIDAS (MÁS DE 30 AÑOS)- SAB 18/01 $12.990 Mas Información EVENTO CITAS RÁPIDAS (MÁS DE 30 AÑOS)- SAB 09/05 […] Con el amor siempre en boca de todos, los sentimientos están a flor de piel y, aunque la cultura 'single' está de moda, a nadie le amarga un dulce. Si no te atreves a ir a la tele a marcarte un 'First Dates' con el celestino Carlos Sobera, pero deseas conocer a tu media naranja, te animamos a que pruebes suerte en una sesión de citas rápidas o 'speed dating'. Nunca se sabe...

The Alchemist's Toolbox 91: Cordelia!

2020.07.13 15:37 Cobalt_721 The Alchemist's Toolbox 91: Cordelia!

A Link to the Index:
Welcome to the 91st Alchemist's Toolbox review!
Today we're heading to Lustburg to take a look at an often-overlooked Wind unit with a lot of potential. So without further ado, here's the next unit for review: Cordelia!
Cordelia is a woman from Lustburg who enjoys nighttime walks and is unfortunately rumored to be a vampire. Let's see what she can do as a unit, shall we?
Personal Investment:
I've got Cordelia at 5/5/3/5/5 Enlightenment with all her jobs mastered (all JEs mastered, Valkyrie JE enhanced). She's a strong member of my Wind roster.
Cordelia is a Wind unit, which means she's strong against Thunder and weak against Fire. Compared to a Light or Dark unit with the same stats and jobs, she would be better defensively and worse offensively.
  • Lance-Wielding Bulky Physical Damage-Dealer (Valkyrie/Fallen Valkyrie): Comparing to other Valkyries, Cordelia competes with Acht, Disgaea Almira, Mocca, and Saber, and fortunately for Cordelia all of those competitors prefer different roles, which leaves her largely uncontested.
  • Physical Damage-Dealer (Martial Artist/Holy Brawler [Fudo]): Comparing to other Martial Artists/Holy Brawlers, Cordelia competes with Cita, Edward, Envy, Hayate, Kazahaya, Leoniaz, Lucian, Reiner, Setsuna, Silma, and Yomi for this role, with Edward, Envy, Hayate, Leoniaz, Reiner, Setsuna, and Yomi preferring different roles. Comparing to the remaining competitors, Cordelia beats Cita in speed and sustained damage while losing to her in bulk and burst damage, beats Kazahaya in damage and bulk while tying with him in speed and losing to him in mobility, beats Lucian in sustained damage and magic bulk while roughly tying with him in physical bulk and losing to him in speed, burst damage, and mobility, and beats Silma in damage while losing to her in bulk and speed. Factoring in the 1st 3 Gates of Enlightenment, she now beats Kazahaya in speed, and factoring in 5 Gates of Enlightenment, her comparisons to Cita and Silma remain the same, and she now beats Lucian in physical bulk as well.
  • Physical Damage-Dealer (Dark CavalieDark Cavalier [Espion]): Cordelia prefers to run both of her other jobs over this one, so a full comparison won't be necessary. And since no other Wind unit that has the Dark Cavalier job prefers it as a main, a frame-of-reference comparison is somewhat pointless.
Leader Skill:
+30% Pierce damage and +20% HP for Wind units. A good Leader Skill for a Wind Pierce team, but too niche to be used anywhere else.
Cordelia's 3 jobs are Valkyrie, Martial Artist, and Dark Cavalier, with the Fallen JE for Valkyrie, the Holy Brawler [Fudo] JE replacing Martial Artist, and the Espion JE for Dark Cavalier.
Valkyrie is a sort of physically-bulky lance-using physical damage-dealer job that focuses on dealing Light damage and self-buffing. It has an AoE PAtk/MAtk debuff that raises the user's PAtk; an AoE Light damage skill that raises the user's PDef; a self-based AoE Light damage skill that raises the user's MDef; a penetrating straight-line ranged Light damage skill that raises the user's Elemental Res (all elements) and deals bonus damage against Demon type enemies; a PAtk/agility self-buff; a spear-range penetrating Light damage skill that raises the user's Dark Res; and a ranged single-target Light damage skill that raises the user's Move (of note is that unlike Valkyrie's other damage skills, which are Pierce damage, this skill is typeless damage). Its reactive is a spear-range penetrating counter, and its passive boosts HP and PDef. Fallen Valkyrie removes the MDef self-buff from Holy Armor - Gendur while also causing it to deal more damage to Dark enemies; adds a self status cure/prevention to Skuld's Foresight and causes it to turn into a teleport + self-based AoE Light damage skill that deals bonus damage to Dark enemies for the turn after it's used; Adds Jump Res to Barrier of Einherjar; and adds a new reactive that's a high chance to reduce Pierce and Jump damage.
Martial Artist is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on high burst damage. It has a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Paralysis; a straight line ranged damage skill; a melee-range AoE damage skill that reduces the CT of those hit; a melee damage skill that inflicts Bind and Daze; a melee damage skill that deals bonus damage to Human type enemies (and unlike the rest of Martial Artist's skills uses purely PAtk for the damage formula); a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Stun; a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Blindness; a PAtk self-buff; a self status cure; and a self-based AoE damage skill. Its reactive is a chance to perform a melee counter, and its passives boost HP and Strike damage respectively. The Fudo JE upgrades this to the Holy Brawler job.
Holy Brawler is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on high burst damage. It has a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Paralysis, a straight-line ranged damage skill, a melee-range AoE damage skill that reduces the CT of those hit, a melee damage skill that inflicts Death Sentence, a melee damage skill that inflicts Bind and Daze, an extremely powerful melee damage skill that deals bonus damage to Human-type enemies and uses pure PAtk for damage (as opposed to the standard Holy Brawler damage formula that uses PAtk, Dex, and agility in varying portions), a melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Stun, a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Blindness, a PAtk self-buff, a PDef self-buff, a self-based AoE status cure, and a self-based AoE damage skill. Its reactive is a melee counter, and its passives boost HP, boost Guts, and boost Strike damage respectively. Holy Brawler [Fudo] boosts the damage of Focused Palm and causes it to deal more damage the lower the user's current HP is while also giving it a cast time and increasing its jewel cost, adds a new skill that gives the user a one-time guaranteed Guts, boosts the damage of Cross-Counter and causes it to deal damage the lower the user's current HP is, and adds a new passive that greatly boosts PAtk when below 25% HP.
Dark Cavalier is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on dealing Dark damage and damage at the cost of HP. It has a weak melee damage skill that has a chance to inflict Death Sentence, an AoE Dark damage skill, a self-based AoE Dark damage skill that consumes a portion of the user's HP, an AoE Dark damage skill that consumes a portion of the user's HP and deals more damage the more fallen allies there are, a melee damage skill that boosts the user's PAtk/MAtk, lowers the user's PDef/MDef, and inflicts Berserk on the user, a skill that drains the target's HP, a skill that drains the target's jewels, a PAtk/Crit self-buff that also lowers the user's PDef/MDef, and a melee-range AoE damage skill that gets stronger the lower the user's current HP is compared to their max HP. Its reactive is a chance to counter with a chance to self-inflict Berserk, and its passives boost PAtk/MAtk while lowering PDef/MDef and boost HP while lowering HP costs respectively. Dark Cavalier [Espion] adds a Move buff to Charge and replaces the HP boost from Pitch-Black Blood Line with an agility/evasion boost.
Master Ability:
+50 PAtk, +20 agility, and +40 Initial Jewels. An absolutely fantastic MA for a physical damage-dealer with access to Sharpening Focus.
Cordelia's stats support a fast, somewhat bulky unit with good damage. All stats are at the usual Master Ability benchmark (level 80, all jobs mastered, main job enhanced, MA unlocked), and Dark CavalieEspion main won't be shown since Cordelia prefers both her other jobs. Table Key: AoE = Armor of Einherjar, IB = Iron Body, OD = Overdrive
Stat Fallen Vakyrie Holy Brawler [Fudo]
HP (NP) 2350 2482
HP (AoE) 2546 2689
HP (IB) 2742 2895
HP (AoE + IB) 2938 3102
PAtk (NP) 582 541
PAtk (OD) 833 775
PDef (NP) 282 237
PDef (AoE) 324 272
PDef (OD) 214 180
PDef (AoE + OD) 255 215
Dex 303 287
Agility 139 144
Cordelia has the current maximum of 5 Gates of Enlightenment.
  • Her Gate 1 boosts HP, PAtk, MAtk, and agility while leveling, and boosts HP, PAtk, and Crit when maxed.
  • Her Gate 2 boosts PDef, MDef, Crit, and hitrate while leveling, and upgrades Overdrive to +15% HP, +60% PAtk, +50% MAtk, -25% PDef, and -25% MDef (previous effect of +50% PAtk, +50% MAtk, -25% PDef, and -25% MDef) when maxed.
  • Her Gate 3 boosts HP, Dex, agility, and evasion while leveling, and upgrades her Leader Skill to +20% Pierce damage, +20% All damage, and +30% HP for Wind units when maxed.
  • Her Gate 4 boosts HP, PDef, MDef, and hitrate while leveling, and boosts HP, PAtk, Dex, damage against Greed type enemies, and damage against Lust type enemies when maxed.
  • Her Gate 5 boosts HP, PDef, MDef, agility, and Crit while leveling, and boosts the damage of Battle Spear - Brunhilde while also boosting the potency of its Elemental Res buffs and adding a Pierce damage self-buff to it; boosts the damage of Dark Bringer while also giving it bonus damage against Light enemies; and boosts the damage, AoE, and CT reduction of Exploding Palm when maxed.
Recommended Enlightenment: Cordelia's best Enlightenment setup is either 5/2/3/5/5 or 5/5/3/5/5 depending on how much you value her Gate 2's upgrade. Other options include level 5 Gate 3 if you really want the Leader Skill for a Wind Pierce damage team, and level 4 Gate 4 if you want to save Gate 4/5 resources. For simplicity's sake, the Enlightenment stats section will assume a 5/5/3/5/5 setup.
Enlightenment Stats:
Since Cordelia already had solid stats before Enlightenment, her Enlightenment just brings them to even better levels. All stats assume level 95 with the recommended Enlightenment setup of 5/5/3/5/5. All other assumptions are the same as the regular stats section. Table Key Changes: OD -> AV = Alleged Vampire
Stat Fallen Vakyrie Holy Brawler [Fudo]
HP (NP) 4217 4365
HP (AoE or AV) 4568 4728
HP (IB or AoE + AV) 4920 5092
HP (AoE/AV + IB) 5271 5456
PAtk (NP) 685 644
PAtk (AV) 1040 978
PDef (NP) 408 361
PDef (AoE) 468 414
PDef (AV) 308 273
PDef (AoE + AV) 368 326
Dex 352 335
Agility 151 156
Example Builds:
Rumored Vampire of Lustburg
  • Main Job: Fallen Valkyrie
  • Sub Job: Fallen Valkyrie (sustained damage)/Holy Brawler [Fudo] (burst damage)/Dark Cavalier [Espion] (Phantom Assault)
  • Reactive: Revenge of Odin
  • Passive 1: Overdrive {Alleged Vampire}
  • Passive 2: Armor of Einherjar (bulk/mitigation of Overdrive's PDef drop)/Iron Body (pure HP bulk)
Cordelia's Valkyrie build. Sub is dependent on needs, while Revenge of Odin is Cordelia's best reactive, and Overdrive/Alleged Vampire is basically mandatory for the damage. The last passive is a choice between her 2 survivability options based on whether you want more HP or a way to mitigate Overdrive/Alleged Vampire's PDef drop. Basic strategy is to hit enemies hard and use whichever sub you picked as necessary.
Moonlit Stroll Gone Awry
  • Main Job: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
  • Sub Job: Holy Brawler [Fudo]
  • Reactive: Revenge of Odin
  • Passive 1: Overdrive {Alleged Vampire}
  • Passive 2: Armor of Einherjar (bulk/mitigation of Overdrive's PDef drop)/Iron Body (pure HP bulk)/Strike Mastery +2 (damage)
Cordelia's Holy Brawler build. Holy Brawler sub is almost always the best sub to go with Holy Brawler main, Revenge of Odin is still Cordelia's best reactive, and Overdrive/Alleged Vampire is again basically mandatory for the damage. Strike Mastery +2 is added to passive options this time since Holy Brawler main can actually use it. Basic strategy is to hit enemies hard and use the 1-2 punch of Sharpening Focus -> Supreme Battle Trance to nuke things.
My Preferred Build:
I prefer Rumored Vampire of Lustburg since spear-range is always nice to fight from, but Cordelia can be run as a Holy Brawler just fine if you want to use her that way.
Gear Recommendations:
Armor and Accessories: Any HP or agility boosting gear, Colosseum Medal (agility, Pierce damage, snowball passive Weapon Ability, Valkyrie/Fallen JE only), Dragon-God Battledress (HP, Pierce damage self-buff WA)
Valkyrie/Fallen Valkyrie: Forcas Hell Lance (agility, farmable during PotK collab), Mellow Lance (solid stats), Stoss Spear (HP, farmable during FFXV collab), Valhalla Lance (best overall stats, HP), Valkyrie's Spear (Pierce damage, solid WA)
Martial Artist/Holy Brawler [Fudo]: Crimson Cestus (solid stats, agility), Dragonhead Gauntlet (Quicken chance, best stats if you have a separate agility gear), Haas Family Gauntlets (best overall stats, agility), Muspell (farmable during Disgaea collab, HP)
Memento Recommendations:
Cordelia's best Memento is Summer Beach Lessons. This Memento boosts her Dex and HP, both of which are really nice for Holy Brawler main and the latter of which is good regardless of her job.
A decent one for Cordelia's Holy Brawler main is Alma's Laughing, but... due to the Strike damage Lustburg Group Skill.
If you don't have either of those, go for the best HP, PAtk, Dex (HB main only), or agility boost that you can get, prioritizing Lustburg Group Skills.
Lastly, Burning Desert Vow gets special mention for having an unrestricted (at least for use) Wind damage skill as a Vision Ability, which can potentially be helpful in situations where enemies have amped-up resistances to elements other than Wind.
Cordelia is currently up-to-date compared to JP.
Overall Asessment:
Cordelia's a quite good unit. If you're lacking in Pierce damage-dealers, she can be a great addition to your toolbox.
And that's the review! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!
Make sure to let me know which of the following units you want me to review next:
Bud, Carla, Itsuki, Lakina, Meily, Natalie
Or choose one of the revisit options below!
Annerose, Flamel, Suzuka
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2020.05.01 10:57 kong-dao COVID-19: GDPR Violado

La pandemia abrazó al mundo en un aspecto sanitario y tecnológico, las distopias de Aldous Huxley o George Orwell (entre otros) aparecieron para quedarse, la realidad siempre supera la ficción, oculta desde la sombra miraba todo, lista para arrimarse cuando quisiera.
Con la idea de mezclar ambas partes, ciencia y tecnología, las empresas no tardaron en hacer una sinfonía orquestada que aturde a usuarios con el bombarde de información por medio de la televisión, radio, prensa o internet, que además utiliza como herramientas de control sin su conscentimiento, la excusa: COVID-19. No ahondaré en países donde la vigilancia rompe con todas las "libertades civiles" como China, Rusia, Corea del Norte, Corea del Sur, Estados Unidos, Australia, Canada, Nueva Zelanda, Japón, Israel, Iran y más, pero sí donde los políticos se regocijan y vanaglorian de las leyes aprobadas: Europa.
La "fiebre tecnológica" saltó al mundo cuando la OMS declaró la pandemia, miles de empresas de hardware y software especializadas en mediciones térmicas empezaron a frotarse las manos para "predecir" los síntimas del virus: fiebre, fatiga, pérdida del apetito y el olfato, tos, dolor muscular (efecto secundario de la fiebre), son los más "comunes" Resulta dificil atribuir a un virus síntomas tan generales, pero no tanto gracias a la tecnología que se instalará en aeropuertos, aviones, edificios públicos y privados (compañías) y no es casualidad que el "mercado térmico" haya saltado como nunca antes con un valor estimado de €65 Billones según Telegraph
Recientemente Google y Apple se asociaron para "ayudar" con su aporte tecnológico, crearon una API (Programa de Aplicación con Interfaz - Application Programming Interface) hoy conocida como "app", que estará en los sistemas operativos Android e iOS a partir de las proximas actualizaciones de software. La aplicación utilizará el sistema de Bluethooth para identificar, gracias al GPS, cerca de quien estuvo, cuándo y dónde, hará "tests" de COVID-19 que si da positivo se enviará a las autoridades y luego se enviarán una alerta de forma anónima a la persona que estuvo en contacto con el "infectado". Ante esta iniciativa del sector privado, los gobiernos de Francia y Alemania levantaron la mano para pedir acceso a los códigos, mientras ellos desarrollan sus propias APIs con la ayuda de los institutos Inria (Francia) y Fraunhofer (Alemania) ambos miembros del proyecto PEPP-PT (Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing) los que según la documentación oficial subida a Github (compañía adquirida en 2018 por Microsoft en U$7.5 Billones) no muestra el código fuente, solamente se ven unos cuantos pdf además de las 43 incidencias entre las que se relacionan los problemas de privacidad y seguridad que ofrece la "app", cuyo último documento fue subido por el primer instituto fechada el 30 de Abril de 2020 diciendo respetar las normas mínimas del GDPR (¿Qué dice el GDPR? Lo aclaro debajo) La pregunta sería ¿cómo la API puede descartar los falsos-positivos? Aún no está claro. Lo que si está claro es que el mismo documento oficial aclara que el impacto será la Vigilancia Masiva, los informes son precarios con respecto a la información técnica sobre la tegnología que utilizarán y si la app será centralizada o descentralizada, es decir de código abierto (open-source) o código cerrado (al que acceden solamente los "dueños") que de momento sería el último caso. Este plan o proyecto "pan-europeo",comenta Thomson Reuters, fue apoyado por las más grandes empresas de telecomunicaciones de Europa entre las que se encuentran: Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Telecom Italia , Telenor, Telia y Telekom donde la primer ministra alemana Angela Merkel apoyó de forma rotunda tras bloquear las acciones de Trump para comprar vacunas a CureVac (farmaceutica alemana subvencionada por la Fundación Bill & Melinda Gates) Desde el mes de Abril los países que comenzar con el plan fueron: España, Italia, Noruega, Belgica, Inglaterra, Portugal y Grecia.
La página oficial de la empresa española Telefónica muestra de forma orgullosa su historia colaborativa con Facebook, además de asociarse con Google y el gobierno español para desarrollar una "app" local y combatir el COVID, empresas que la Comunidad Europea estaba bloqueando por considerarlas "comeptencia".
Vodafone tiene actualmente trabajando a investigadores pagados por la Fundación Bill & Melinda Gates para luchar contra la pandemia, una con la que tienen relación hace más de 10 años según la web oficial de la institución. (Esta fundación ya fue expuesta en otro articulo sobre su intención de reducir la población mundial y cómo se relaciona con la infame OMS)
En 2016 la Comunidad Europea aprobó la Regulación de Protección General de Datos (siglas en inglés: GDPR) aplicada (tardíamente) en 2018 para trabaja a la par es el Comité Europeo de Protección de Datos (EDPB por sus siglas en inglés) Esta última, dirigada por la abogada Andrea Jelinek, hizo publico un breve comunicado de 3 páginas en la web oficial el día 19 de Marzo de 2020, en la 1er pág. cita:
Emergency is a legal condition which may legitimise restrictions of freedoms provided these restrictions are proportionate and limited to the emergency period. (La emergencia es una condición legal que puede legitimar las restricciones de las libertades\, siempre que estas restricciones sean proporcionadas y limitadas al período de emergencia)*
*[La palabra legitimar deriva de legítimo, es decir, legal, lícito o permitido, lease "es permitido restringir las libertades"] Condición anti-ćonstitucional de los "derechos humanos" que rechaza de pleno el Articuloº13 sobre la libre circulación.
El 20 de Abril, una publicación de Bloomberg declara:
We know that cellphone contact tracing is effective, though, in part through documents made public by the former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden describing how the National Security Agency gained access to global location data by tapping into mobile network cables. Intelligence agencies used this data to uncover hidden associations of known targets based on intersecting movements. (Sin embargo, sabemos que el rastreo de contactos de teléfonos celulares es efectivo, en parte a través de documentos hechos públicos por el ex contratista de inteligencia de los Estados Unidos, Edward Snowden, que describen cómo la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional obtuvo acceso a datos de ubicación global al conectarse a cables de redes móviles. Las agencias de inteligencia utilizaron estos datos para descubrir asociaciones ocultas de objetivos conocidos basados en movimientos de intersección.)
Recientemente el navegador Brave que apunta a la privacidad de los usuarios (pero no más que el open-source Firefox) denunció a la comunidad Europea por violar las políticas de GDPR con respecto a los usuarios, alegando que los gobiernos están fallando en respetar las políticas que ellos mismos crearon para proteger a los usuarios.
El periódico inglés Daily Mailpublicó un articulo titulado: "Cuando las pandemias golpean, el libro de reglas sale volando por la ventana": Expertos advierten que el rastreo de smartphones para encontra el coronavirus puede pavimentar un gran camino a la vigilancia masiva
Otro medio que levantó la alarma fue Politico con el titular: La privacidad amenazada en Occidente por combatir el virus
Está claro que gracias a la tecnología GPS se puede hacer un seguimiento bastante preciso, se puede saber dónde vive, dónde trabaja, con quien se junta (por proximidad entre los móviles que transmiten beams o beacons) y dónde, con qué frecuencia visita x lugares, los sitios turisticos o de consumo que frecuenta, información obviamente detallada por una cronología que indica en qué hora, min y seg, si se estuvo moviendo o estuvo quieto. Un instrumento más del hoy llamado Big Data
Las más grandes tecnologías, medios de comunicación, y gobiernos están haciendo de "reguladores de información" contra las "fake news", unas falsas noticias que ellos mismos crean para generar confusión y desinformación en la sociedad actual, así es más fácil de dirigir a las masas hacia un futuro sin libertad de expresión, sin libre-pensamiento, sin democracia, es decir, sin libertad(es) y que además viola los derechos humanos, y las leyes que los mismos gobiernos crearon.
La tecnología es una poderosísima herramienta, saber usarla está en sus manos, ignorarla es dejar que otros la usen en su nombre para hacer bien o para hacer mal, algo que usted nunca sabrá.
Población de Europa (2020) - Fuentes:
World Population ReviewPopulation PiramidWorld Meters
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Speed date, ¿De la vista nace el amor? ... Citas rápidas, una alternativa para conocer pareja // Speed Dating - Duration: 6:14. Imagen Entretenimiento Recommended for you. 6:14. En vez de revolucionar, el tener citas se ha convertido en algo clinico y el chico desea que sea algo mas real y organico, como lo describe en esta parte: 'Simplemente una mirada, una sonrisa, un ... Subscribe We gave Jay Park the opportunity to go speed dating with five lucky fans for only one minute each. Can he find true love in... Subscribe We gave lucky fan Jessica the opportunity to go speed dating with all of the members of CNCO for only one minute each. What... The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBGroup (GBG) combines this concept of identity with ... ¿Qué es un speed date AsiEs Arkansas. Loading... Unsubscribe from AsiEs Arkansas? ... Citas rápidas, una alternativa para conocer pareja // Speed Dating - Duration: 6:14. Citas Rápidas ó Speed Date Ven y disfruta de reuniones divertidas y dinamicas, en las que podras conocer personas interesantes, hacer nuevos amigos o encontrar el amor de tu vida. Theo James Speed Date Interview - Duration: 2:38. Marty23 Recommended for you. 2:38. ... Speed dating y Citas rápidas en Madrid con La Dolce Cita - Duration: 0:59. Thanks to your incredible support, our latest humangood collection is SOLD OUT! Follow humangood on Instagram and keep an eye out for our next drop: https://... Citas Express Un evento patrocinado por Agenciart Querétaro, Relicario y Le Decoratifs. #CitasExpress Un circuito de citas, dónde tienes 7 minutos para plati...